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     Introducing a new way to stretch naturally curly hair straighter. Give your hair a break from heat. Move over hair rollers, flat irons, straightening combs/brushes, and blow dryers. Make room for Straighties!! Using Straighties will allow you to stretch your hair straighter more quicker than with Hair Banding and Hair Threading. Stretch your hair straighter while maintaining a healthier head of hair minus heat and chemical damage.
     Donate now to help us reach our manufacturing goals so that you can soon place and receive your order. As soon as we have reached our target funding for manufacturing, we will announce when inventory is available for ordering. It may be awhile, so please bare with us.  This is a crowdfunding campaign for a newly invented patent pending hair accessory tool. Once inventory is available and orders placed, you will receive 16 individual Straighties per pack that you order. Those who donated will receive a coupon for a discount off their first order placed. Different sizes for different lengths of hair are coming soon.
     Straighties are for anyone with short to medium length naturally curly textured hair who want straighter hair without risking heat damage. Remember, Straighties can be worn comfortably overnight. If you want your hair curled use rollers...if you want your hair straight use Straighties!!! Hair Straight to the Point. Please show support.
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