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The Magic Cane (Adventures in Fun Forest): (click here to order)

The Magic Cane is a book that will lead children on a fun-filled journey with Timber and Plunky as they investigate the truth behind the stories of The Magic Cane. Plunky the monkey and Timber the bear cub, along with all of the other little animals that live in Fun Forest, love to listen to the stories told by the Old Hermit about his magic cane. In this adventure, Plunky decides that she needs proof that the magic cane is really magical. She persuades Timber to help her take the magic cane to test its magical powers. Timber reluctantly agrees and they devise a plan to sneak the magic cane away from the Old Hermit as he sleeps in his tree house. Their adventure starts here with an unexpected twist. All ends well when the two friends decide to be honest and tell the truth about their actions, learning a meaningful lesson about honesty and good behavior. Encourage the use of imagination while reading!! Also available online at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Books-A-Million, Ingram Distributors and Baker & Taylor, etc. ISBN: 9780997019131. Makes a great GIFT for each of your kids or students in daycare, pre-k, or elementary school! (Ages 4 - 9) 

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The Magic Cane