Tackle Hair Shrinkage Without Heat - STRAIGHTIES

Introducing Straighties!

  • Tackle Hair Shrinkage with Straighties

  • Wear Straighties like hair rollers

  • Stretch your naturally curly hair straighter without heat

Stretching Your Natural Curl Pattern Straighter Without Heat

Introducing a new comfortable way to straighten your curls overnight while you sleep and without using heat. Straighties - made with Natural Hair in mind!

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Question and answer - Comfort

Q: Are Straighties comfortable to wear overnight?

A:  Yes, they have foam outer material and you can wrap your hair with a jumbo satin/silk wrap before bed.

Question and answer - How to Wear

Q: How should I apply Straighties?

A:  Part hair in to 4 or 6 sections, add a hair band to each section, then apply Straighties down the length of each section, wrap your hair. 

Question and answer - Results

Q: Will Straighties make my hair bone straight similar to using a flat iron?

A: No. Straighties will stretch naturally curly hair straighter similar to blowing out your hair with a hair dryer.

  • Heatless hair stretching
  • Tackle Natural Hair Shrinkage with new heatless Stretching Method
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